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[[this text has been removed due to the fact that i've read this blog post by lime360 so i'm basically dropping the whole "i wanna bring back web 1.0 and the 90s internet" stick and instead calling this a tribute to web 1.0 and the 90s internet.]]

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oh yea i did some stuff sorry for not updating the changelog

8/23/2022 - Moved RSN Messenger over from Chatango to Cbox. If anyone wants to use the old Chatango version, I've left a link to another page with the Chatango version.

4/15/2022 - FINALLY fixed the custom cursor skin, moved it into a seperate css instead of intergrating it into the main one. (btw added it into my second website, go check it out by clicking on the button in the buttom wall/space!)

1/28/2022 - Moved the Neocities button from the ads space to the bottom of the main page in a nice retro style.

1/4/2022 - Added a new cursor based on Windows 95 and added ads and a changelog. I'm gonna find a way to get a icon.

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Trying out HTML Journal for some reason.

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