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Hi! Welcome to my little tribute to Web 1.0 and the internet from the 90's, or I guess you can call it my website. Also tbh I might have anemoia because I just like old stuff. (fun fact: i learned what anemoia was from the yesterweb) Now you maybe asking: "Hey (my name)! Why would you pick Geocities when that era didn't look as good as the era after that?" And to answer that, it's just because I use Neocities to host my website.

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Click here to join the Windows 95 discord server I made!


12/12/23: Changed the background to a slightly more original sky image. It might add more of a 90's website theme to this website.
4/5/23: Added back in the changelogs/updates.
1/28/22: Moved the Neocities button from the ads space to the bottom of the main page in a nice retro style.
1/4/22: Added a new cursor based on Windows 95 and added ads and the changelog.

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